Thanksgiving Table Toppers

Image of a completed turkey table topper kids paper circuits project. Image is of a purple and white polka dot turkey feather area with a blue polka dot body. The turkey has a purple hat which has a rainbow flashing LED in it.

Download our thanksgiving kids paper circuit and create a festive LED turkey table toppers! Get photos and videos on how to make this fun science project! Jump to a section IntroductionProject IngredientsProject SetupTips and TricksConclusion Thanksgiving LED Paper Circuit Project Let’s make awesome, and bright, Thanksgiving table toppers. These fun …

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Paper Circuit Snowman

decorating a simple circuit project - paper circuit snowman featured

Jump to supply list Winter is here, and that means it is time to make some glorious holiday decorations to enjoy around the house. We recently make a cool 3D snowman decoration and now were adding to our list of snowman decorations with this simple circuit project. This simple paper circuit …

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Mothers Day Card Ideas

mothers day light up card circuit project on-647x485

Download our templates for the ultimate Mother’s day card There is no better card for Mother’s day than a homemade card made with love. We have 3 Mother’s day card ideas to jazz up your cards, with free downloadable templates.  Just print, create, and give. What makes these Mother’s day card …

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DIY 3D Cards: LED Pop Up Hearts

popup card template LED 3D cards heart

What you’ll learn:How to create 3D cards from a pop up card template, and basic paper circuits.Key takeaways:2D cards can turn into 3D cards with a little cutting and folding. You can make circuits with a few simple ingredients: copper tape, LEDs, and a battery. Jump to supply list DIY …

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DIY Conductive Paint Recipe

learn how to make conductive paint with a simple diy conductive paint recipe

DIY Conductive Paint Recipe (aka electric glue) Learn how to make conductive paint or electric glue! This cheap homemade electric glue recipe uses two ingredients and is perfect for paper circuits! You can use it to improve your copper tape circuits or to see if you can make a circuit …

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