Bees learn the concept of zero

Scientists have taught many types of animals to count before. Some of those animals even understand the concept of zero, nothing, nada. Monkeys can understand Arabic numerals. Lions can understand the size of a group based on sound. And chickens can perform basic arithmetic. Up until now, however, all of our knowledge of …

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Longest Straight Earth Bound Travel Paths

There are many extremes on Earth. From the coldest place to the highest place and beyond, as humans, we are always curious about such extremes. Recently a new extreme was confirmed by scientists, the longest straight line path you can take across the ocean. In the true spirit of citizen scientists, …

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This is random

peter bierhorst NIST quantum entanglement random number generation

Researchers believe that have finally cracked the code when it comes to making a random number generator. Randomness is important in everyday life. Things such as polls to determine how a large population feels about a topic (for example, a Presidential race), can be done with a random sample of …

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Math and Memory: Defining our Brains with Math

Math and memory: defining memory pathways with new math theory

Every day we access our sequential memory. Simple tasks such as remembering a phone number use it. So does recalling how events unfolded one night fifteen years ago. Understanding how our sequential memory works could help us understand a variety of mental illnesses. Illnesses such as ADD, bipolar and OCD. …

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