James Monroe Science


Discover how President Monroe impacted steamboats and our national landscape. James Monroe 5th President of the United States Born: April 28th, 1758Died: July 4th, 1831 Contributions to science: James Monroe was not a scientist himself. However, President’s shape scientific policy and prioritize scientific advances. James Monroe is not well known …

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Thomas Jefferson Science

800px-ThomasJeffersonStateRoomPortrait Thomas Jefferson and the plow

Create a DIY cipher wheel to celebrate Presidential science Thomas Jefferson 3rd President of the United States 2nd Vice President of the United States1st Secretary of State for the United States Born: April 13th 1743Died: July 4th 1826 (83 years old) Contributions to science: “Nature intended me for the tranquil …

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President’s Day Science: Impacts from the Oval Office

By Jack Weir (1928-2005) - Originally uploaded by User:Rufus330Ci on 23 January 2006, Public Domain

Jump to list of activities to celebrate US Presidents’ role in science Presidential ScienceMost US Presidents have educational degrees in areas like political science, foreign affairs, and law. That doesn’t mean, however, that they don’t have a significant impact on science. To celebrate their impact on science we have outlined …

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