James Monroe Science


Discover how President Monroe impacted steamboats and our national landscape.James Monroe5th President of the United StatesBorn: April 28th, 1758Died: July 4th, 1831Contributions to science:James Monroe was not a scientist himself. However, President’s shape scientific policy and prioritize scientific advances. James Monroe is not well known for his role in the …

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Thomas Jefferson Science

800px-ThomasJeffersonStateRoomPortrait Thomas Jefferson and the plow

Create a DIY cipher wheel to celebrate Presidential scienceThomas Jefferson3rd President of the United States2nd Vice President of the United States1st Secretary of State for the United States Born: April 13th 1743Died: July 4th 1826 (83 years old)Contributions to science:“Nature intended me for the tranquil pursuits of science, by rendering them …

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