Referral Program

engineering challenges with paper - afterschool programs on bainbridge island

Science class referral program As a small, independently run business on Bainbridge Island, I am forever grateful for word of mouth referrals. We all know the most trusted opinion is that of our closest friends. That is why I have this referral program in place. When you talk up our …

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Create Science with Us!

We just created a mummy in our kitchen – because science is awesome, and because Halloween. My two little ones are always begging for more, which is why I started this page – to make more science, for more families. Jump on board to get your Mummy Mystery started in …

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Shipbuilding for Pirates’ Treasure

That’s a wrap!! Just finished three hours of filming this awesome lab that dives into buoyancy and engineering along with a whole bunch of add on activities to help you dig deeper! Don’t miss out! Become a #STEMsleuth today!! #homeschool #science

Creating Fun Science

With kids, mixing art and science together is the perfect way for them to enjoy learning. That’s why we are creating fun science. What better way to hold a captive audience as you mention cool and exciting facts to them, then to have them engaged in a related art project. When …

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Kids Particle Physics

Kids Particle Physics

We’re working on a new kids particle physics science lab that teaches the principles in such a fun and engaging way that you might just have to rip your kids away from this activity! Particle physicists shoot beams of protons at each other, and look at the result to find …

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Kids Optics Lab In School!

kids optics lab for homeschoolers

Wow! I am so incredibly excited that we will be starting up an edible kids optics lab at Blakely Elementary tomorrow doing some seriously fun hands on science! We’ve been working on this kids optics lab for a long time, and it is so rewarding to see it come to fruition! …

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