Dinosaur eggs in your backyard

Dinosaur eggs in your backyard - howpigments tell a story of evolution featured

THE DESCENDANTS OF DINOSAURS LIVE ON.We have known for a long time that thousands upon thousands of dinosaurs still roam the Earth: birds. While we can look at the pterodactyl and other avian dinosaurs and see the direct resemblance of this prehistoric period flying in our skies, there is another impact …

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Mold and Cast Fossils

Our fossil unit is all about learning how fossils formWhere can we find fossils?  To learn more, let’s turn into paleontologists. That means getting our hands dirty and carefully digging up fossils. If you don’t have fossils (or animal bones) in your backyard, or just want to learn about how mold …

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Supersonic Dinosaurs

supersonic apatosaurs tail

For almost 20 years some scientists have claimed it wasn’t Chuck Yaeger who was the first living thing to travel faster than the speed of sound. Who did they propose was the first? Supersonice Dinosaurs. Well, their tails at least. The Apatosaurus was between 70 and 90 feet long, with their …

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