Hands-On STEM at Home – Without the Burden of Buying

Special thanks to the Bainbridge Community Foundation and Bainbridge Island Rotary International

To get a BI STEM Library card you must be a resident of Bainbridge Island or educator in Kitsap County. Email BPAstroKids@BPAstro.org for more information.

The BI STEM library is open Second Saturdays of each month from 4-6pm during the BPAstroKIDS shows. Checkouts are for one full month, with items being returned at the next month’s show. Our items have been purchased through community grants and donated from our neighbors. To find out the types of items we are looking for in our STEM library see our wishlist.

Do you have extra STEM toys or books at home that don’t get the use they should? Donate your items to the BI STEM Library to improve our collection. Check out wishlist to find out the types of items we are looking for.

Search by grade level

Search by grade level