DIY Morse code box – Paper Circuit Activity

Hey Spy Science Eavesdroppers!

We’ve gathered intel, we’ve learned our tradecraft, we’ve encoded our messages and placed our dead drop. Now it’s time to radio in to base to let them know! 

But wait, we can’t just call them up, we need to send a secret message. We need to use Morse Code!

Today, for circuit Friday (yay), we’re going to build an LED Morse Code box and learn how to type messages in Morse code, like the famous SOS code for help. Then we can try to send each other messages and see if we can figure out what each other is saying!

Come join us for some tip-tappety fun!

Dr. Erica and Evan

 Links: Livestream

Parent Takeaway – As with all circuit projects, try not to tear the copper tape and place it carefully. Test the battery and LED at each stage and stay positive. If you don’t get your circuit working by the end of class, we’ll figure it out in Zoom. I’m pretty sure we’re 100 for 100 in there.

Friday: Morse Code LED (Paper Circuits)

Activity: Build a light based morse code transmitter.

Learn how we can secretly transmit messages at night through morse code as we build an LED based circuit.