DIY 3D Cards: LED Pop Up Hearts

popup card template LED 3D cards heart

What you’ll learn:How to create 3D cards from a pop up card template, and basic paper circuits.Key takeaways:2D cards can turn into 3D cards with a little cutting and folding. You can make circuits with a few simple ingredients: copper tape, LEDs, and a battery. Jump to supply list DIY …

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DIY Conductive Paint Recipe

learn how to make conductive paint with a simple diy conductive paint recipe

DIY Conductive Paint Recipe (aka electric glue) Learn how to make conductive paint or electric glue! This cheap homemade electric glue recipe uses two ingredients and is perfect for paper circuits! You can use it to improve your copper tape circuits or to see if you can make a circuit …

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DIY LED Paper Airplane

At our circuits camp we worked hard on making light up paper airplanes. This challenged students to think about the direction of an LED, how to wire each leg into a battery and then, of course, how to fold it all up into a plane! It took a bit over …

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Homemade DIY Light Saber

Luke Skywalker Lightsaber for kids

The other night I was working on putting together an addon activity where kids could make their won flashlight. I was out of toilet paper rolls and figured popsicle sticks would work, at least for a prototype. As I wired it up with copper tape and added in a Dixie …

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