Engineering Cupid’s Bow and Arrow

diy simple electronics circuits for kids mothers day tea cozy supplies

What you’ll learn: Engineering and design principles. Key takeaways: Tinkering, modifying, and editing a design can help the final piece function better. Valentine’s science experiments are a fun way to bring play into the holiday. This is a fun Valentine’s day kids project that can easily be packed up into …

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Electric Slime for Colorful Afternoons

diy conductive slime to light an LED electric slime

What you’ll learn:How to make and use conductive, or electric, slime.Key takeaways:We can visualize resistances using a color changing LED. Jump to supply list This is a fun science project to do in March to bring the magic of Leprechauns and rainbows into your house, but it is far more …

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Father’s Day Science Crafts

fathers day crafts and gifts

Fun STEM based projects that will make dad smile Father’s Day Science Crafts for Kids ​Make a small first aid or survival kit Create a fishy Father’s day card Build a motion activated surprise Make a spectacular dessert (or the best french fry dip ever) Let’s celebrate Dad with fun …

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How to make ice cream that’s easy and fizzy

how to make ice cream at home - stirring dry ice into your ice cream mix

Create ice cream using dry ice for a fun, science based, experience. What you’ll learn: How to make ice cream that tastes fizzy Key takeaways: We can use many things to make homemade ice cream: an ice cream maker, rock salt and a bag, or very cold elements like liquid …

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Soda bottle water rocket launcher

water rocket launcher with soda bottle rocket and fins

Make a cool summer sprinkler that involves blasting off! What you’ll learn: How rockets fly and engineering principles Key takeaways: Testing can help you determine what design parameters will lead to the best flights. Soda bottle rockets are a fun way to stave off the summer heat. Kids will get …

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Bubble Solution for Giant Bubbles

engineering bubbles for kids making giant bubble solution

Create super-sized bubbles with science that will get giggles galore. Homemade Bubble Solution Recipe There isn’t a time of year where making giant bubbles is off the list. Even in winter you can make your own bubble solution to blow icy bubbles that can freeze on your deck – which …

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Engineering Bubble Wands

bubbles for kids engineering challenge

Use straws and pipe cleaners in a fun math based building project. Bubbles capture kids imaginations Why? Because from a very young age we learn that things fall, not float. Kids have a fascination with bubbles for the same reason they love balloons, because they defy their everyday knowledge of …

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Borax Crystal Flowers

Create cool crystals with science What you’ll learn: Hot solutions have more space between molecules allowing them to hold more of a chemical than cold water. Key takeaways: Saturated solutions crystalize as they cool Borax crystal flowers Let’s learn about solutions and physics as we make a lovely gift for …

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