Ultrafast Dynamics at Zurich ETH

Flat Rosie at the ETH Ultrafast Dynamics Lab

Flat Rosie just got back from her first international trip to the ETH lab with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology! Rosie visited the Ultrafast Dynamics Group. She learned all about how very short laser pulses interact with materials. By short, we mean really short. Tens of femptoseconds short! Ultrafast Dynamics means …

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Earthworm Neurons | Flat Rosie

Flat Rosie learns about Earthworm Neurons

High school students at PGSS got to learn about earthworm neurons this summer. Dr. Carrie Doonan and Dr. Emily Drill from Carnegie Mellon University over-watched as students hooked up earthworms to special speaker boxes. Flat Rosie was lucky enough to get to drop in while they worked! Learning about Neurons. Our neurons send information from our …

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Flat Rosie takes to the Road!

The first Flat Rosie designed by Isabella takes to the mail for her lab travels

A couple of weeks ago, while reading the Flat Stanley books, our little lab assistant really wanted to do a similar project. Instead of sending Flat Stanley to friends and family, however, she wanted to send a Flat Rosie to labs around the world. With Erica’s connections to scientific research …

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