Far side of the Moon

This week China not only landed on the dark side of the moon, but they also started growing plants there. Not in the lunar soil….yet. But they did wait to water the seeds until the craft touched down on the far side of the moon, and have now begun to …

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Dinosaur eggs in your backyard

Dinosaur eggs in your backyard - howpigments tell a story of evolution featured

THE DESCENDANTS OF DINOSAURS LIVE ON. We have known for a long time that thousands upon thousands of dinosaurs still roam the Earth: birds. While we can look at the pterodactyl and other avian dinosaurs and see the direct resemblance of this prehistoric period flying in our skies, there is another …

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Ross Ice Shelf brings the Spooky to Halloween

Ross Ice Shelf - recent discovery that scientists can listen to the singing of the ross ice shelf surface to learn about near surface events like storms or melting

Spooky sounds Researchers recently stumbled upon a spooky soundtrack, courtesy of the largest ice shelf around, the Ross Ice shelf. Wind whipping around this ice shelf doesn’t make howling noises audible to the human ear. In fact, the wind isn’t what makes these spooky sounds. Instead, it is the wind …

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Longest Straight Earth Bound Travel Paths

There are many extremes on Earth. From the coldest place to the highest place and beyond, as humans, we are always curious about such extremes. Recently a new extreme was confirmed by scientists, the longest straight line path you can take across the ocean. In the true spirit of citizen scientists, …

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Minerals and Mass Extinction: Oceans of Life

Minerals and Mass Extinction: Oceans of LifeEarth has been hit with 5 mass extinction events that we know of.Two of them have known causes. The dinosaurs were wiped out by a mega-meteroid hitting Mexico, and 252 million years ago volcanoes in Sibera wiped out Permian era life.But what about the …

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World’s Deepest Hole Barely Scratches the Surface.

comparison of deepest naturally occuring cave, south african mine, oil hole in kansas and kola superdeep borehole with Earth's crust

How far can we drill into the Earth? And what is at the bottom of the world’s deepest hole? In 1970 the Russians imparted on a big project, the Kola Superdeep Borehole. One that would take us to places we have never been…on Earth. They had a lofty goal, drill 15,000m …

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Blinging Tumors: Nano diamonds find Cancer

nano diamonds in cancer treatment

Tiny nano diamonds might be the next big thing in finding cancer. Five years ago scientists noticed that nano diamonds emited light differently than their much larger cousins. These nano diamonds range in size, some as small as 5 nano meters. For scale, the width of a human hair is …

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Tyrannosaur Teeth in your Kitchen Drawer

University of Toronto study on Tyranasaur teeth show they are shaped like steak knives

Chomping through Prey. Tyrannosaurs belong to a group of meat eating dinosaurs called theropods. Theropods ate pretty much anything with meat. Insectivores, herbivores and even other carnivores. All that meat means lots of bone. How did they chomp through bone?   Teeth! They are very much in style! Tyrannosaur teeth …

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Carbon Dating will soon be obsolete

William the Conquerer dressed with Carbon dating in 2050

  Carbon dating will soon be obsolete When Archaeologists find a new fossil and want to find out how old it is what do they do? They carbon date it. But soon they won’t be able to. What is Carbon Dating? Carbon Dating looks at the amount of 14C an …

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