Magnetic Slime recipe and Tutorial!

magnetic slime image with iron filings showing magnetic field lines

It’s Slime day! Slime Day!! Magnetic Slime Day! Magnets! We need some slime-loving, magnet hoarding kiddos for today’s lesson! Today, we’re making magnetic slime, which is amazing, and then we’re using that slime to visualize the field lines that surround magnets. Which is even more amazing! We’ve got the Zoom …

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Cool gifts to bring science to kids

Cool gifts with a science spark Kids want cool gifts, parents want science gifts for kids. Sometimes parents feel like there is a battle between what kids see as cool gifts, and what parents see as piles of plastic. Even parents who know the value of creative play can often …

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Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty Science Activities

crazy aaron's thinking putty science and engineering projects

Science and engineering with your favorite fidgety toyCrazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty has taken the world by storm.Their thinking putty is one of the hottest toys around, with tons of different types, Aaron’s thinking putty has a little something for everyone.  Since my goal is to bring fun kids science to you, …

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Squigz Science: Building and learning with Squigz

Squigz are a fun building toy that are similar to Lego in that you have plenty of opportunity, but different from Lego in that you connect them through suction instead of friction between dots. My youngest was given a set of Squigz from her grandma for her birthday, and while I …

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Shopkins Shoppies Science and Engineering Projects

 You likely have heard of Shopkins before. They are silly, cute, and ridiculously funny small plastic characters of food. Yes, food. Because any given Shopkin is just a plastic mold, Shopkins promote imaginative play. Kids can dream up the happenings of Shopville and play with one another.  I for one am …

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Fingerlings Fun: Learning science and engineering through play

Fingerlings are the big toy craze right now and were likely under your tree this past holiday season. So now that you have your fingerlings, what can you do with it? Fingerlings are an interactive little monkey who makes tons of different sounds and movements to interact with the world. Pet …

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