LED Bug Sculpture – Simple circuit activity for kids

It’s Circuit Friday!!! 

Who’s excited?? I’m excited!!!!!

We came up with this fun project a couple weeks ago and I have been itching to make it happen. 

Today, we’re making LED Bug sculptures using all the circuit skills we practice every week.

These super cute little circuit bugs are easy and fast to make, so you don’t have to make just one, you can make tons! And if you have some extra vibrating motors, you could totally have a bug dance party! 

Come join us as we disco it up with some LED Bugs 🙂

Dr Erica and Evan

 Links: Livestream @ 1130  |  Zoom Classroom & Chat  |   pdf  

Parent Takeaway – This should be a pretty easy circuit project, but make sure to test your LEDs and connections at each step to make sure everything is still working right.

Friday: LED Bug Sculptures (Paper Circuits)

Activity: Build an LED bug.

Make a fun bright bug using typical LED supples – you can even make it buzz around if you have an extra vibrating motor!


Next Week:  Becoming spies

Step into the world of decoding and intrigue, see if you have what it takes to keep your country safe!

Get prepped! We’re making a parabolic recorder on Thursday May 21. You can order a $6 one on Amazon with 1 week shipping here