Angry Bird Ping Pong Ball Launcher

student prepares to fire a completed ping pong ball launcher

Learn about projectile motion, how the angle of launch affects distance, and how to create from plans in this fun DIY ping pong ball launching project. Jump to a section IntroductionProject IngredientsProject SetupTips and TricksConclusion Introduction to projectile motion Projectile motion, by definition, is a form of motion experienced by an object …

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Pumpkin DNA Extraction

DNA extraction - how to extract DNA from a strawberry

What you’ll learn:How to extract DNA from any living thing (we will do pumpkin for Thanksgiving, but strawberry, banana, and other soft fruits are also popular).Key takeaways:DNA extraction and isolation is a fun science project for kids to do at home as they learn about what makes us, us. Jump …

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Make a Mummy for Halloween

how to make a mummy - hot dog mummification activity for kids

Jump to supply list October is perfect for learning how to make a mummy and discovering the mummification process.You need about four weeks to mummify a hot dog or a chicken. Yep, it goes that fast! In fact, in ancient Egypt, the mummification process took about 40 days, for a …

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Soda bottle water rocket launcher

water rocket launcher with soda bottle rocket and fins

Make a cool summer sprinkler that involves blasting off!What you’ll learn:How rockets fly and engineering principlesKey takeaways:Testing can help you determine what design parameters will lead to the best flights. Jump to supply list Soda bottle rockets are a fun way to stave off the summer heat. Kids will get …

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