Thanksgiving Table Toppers

Image of a completed turkey table topper kids paper circuits project. Image is of a purple and white polka dot turkey feather area with a blue polka dot body. The turkey has a purple hat which has a rainbow flashing LED in it.

Download our thanksgiving kids paper circuit and create a festive LED turkey table toppers! Get photos and videos on how to make this fun science project! Jump to a section IntroductionProject IngredientsProject SetupTips and TricksConclusion Thanksgiving LED Paper Circuit Project Let’s make awesome, and bright, Thanksgiving table toppers. These fun …

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Christmas Science Experiments

5 christmas science projects for kids featured

Christmas science experiments for kidsLevitating Santa sleighLED SnowmanGrow a crystal treeMake a snowball catapultCreate ice ornaments with BentleyWinter is coming! That means the kids will be home from school and itching to be occupied. While we do a ton of reading and time to let our kids be bored, we …

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DIY LED Snowman Decorations

diy led snowman decorations building the body 2

Jump to supply list Winter is here, and that means it’s time to decorate the house with everything snow. I love making snowman decorations because they provide a great blank canvas base. That is, everyone can work on the science part of wiring up the snowmen with LED lights, but …

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DIY Levitating Santa Sleigh

how to make a leivtating santa sleigh as a christmas science experiment

Jump to supply list The ultimate Santa sleigh and reindeer decoration.Christmas is about quality time together (well, at least that’s what I go for every year. We love to decorate our house for Christmas every year. The girls make tons of DIY LED Ornaments to brighten our tree, and often we …

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Thanksgiving Science Activities

Thanksgiving science activities for kids

Thanksgiving Science Activities for Kids Extract DNA from a pumpkin Make holiday window decorations Make a hexbug turkey Bake the perfect pumpkin pie Check out the 2017 list Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Having food, family, warm smells, and hot fires in one place are the pinnacle of …

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Pumpkin DNA Extraction

DNA extraction - how to extract DNA from a strawberry

What you’ll learn:How to extract DNA from any living thing (we will do pumpkin for Thanksgiving, but strawberry, banana, and other soft fruits are also popular).Key takeaways:DNA extraction and isolation is a fun science project for kids to do at home as they learn about what makes us, us. Jump …

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