Fun Science

Hi, I'm Dr. Erica, and I use my PhD in Physics to create amazingly fun science experiments for kids that actually teach real science!

After-school programs with dr Erica

If you find yourself on Bainbridge Island, WA, come check out one of my classes where your kids can work with me to develop their scientist skills!

I love science!

Headshot of Dr Erica Saint Clair, founder of Rosie Research, a website creating kids science activities and projects. Words Hi There in green

I love science, I mean love, love, love science! And I love creating kids science. But what is kids science, other than the best thing ever?

Kid science is fun science! Kid science is real science.

Kid science captures wonder and develops experimentation. 

Kid science teaches growth mindset and encourages working through struggles while nurturing cooperation.

Finally, kid science is necessary, because those kid scientists will create tomorrow.

Kid scientists are remarkable inventors, and we need every kid scientist to make our future bright.