Bionic Mushroom Power

bionic mushroom featured

Mario’s mushroom power.Super Mario Brothers is a long-loved game where magical mushrooms can give Mario or Luigi extra powers. While these mushrooms won’t give you extra powers, they might be able to give your house a little extra power.  We can thank our mushroom power to a few things: the mushroom, some tiny bacteria, 3D …

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A 3D printed Cornea

For many, the ability to see is taken for granted.That ability to see relies on healthy eyes with healthy lenses. Our eyes contain two lenses, the cornea, and the lens. The cornea is, what some would call, the window to our souls. The cornea allows light to enter our eyes and does …

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This is random

peter bierhorst NIST quantum entanglement random number generation

Researchers believe that have finally cracked the code when it comes to making a random number generator. Randomness is important in everyday life. Things such as polls to determine how a large population feels about a topic (for example, a Presidential race), can be done with a random sample of a …

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Saving the Great Barrier Reef

Two scuba divers check the health of the Great Barrier Reef

A sunshade to save the Great Barrier Reef.This week the University of Melbourne released a new method to potentially save the Great Barrier reef, and it is basically a giant sunshade.What is the sunshade made of?The proposed sunshade to protect the Great Barrier reef from incident sunlight is made of …

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Recycling CO2 to make Ethanol

Synthetic Photosynthesis would recycle carbon dioxide while creating ethanol

Carbon dioxide is a pesky gas that is building up in our atmosphere from burning too many fossil fuels. About 10-25% of the greenhouse effect is due to carbon dioxide in our atmosphere.Carbon Dioxide and the Greenhouse Effect.Life on Earth relies on a delicate balance of heat from our Sun. …

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