Soda bottle water rocket launcher

water rocket launcher with soda bottle rocket and fins

Make a cool summer sprinkler that involves blasting off!What you’ll learn:How rockets fly and engineering principlesKey takeaways:Testing can help you determine what design parameters will lead to the best flights. Jump to supply list Soda bottle rockets are a fun way to stave off the summer heat. Kids will get …

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Build a Robotic Arm

Turn into an engineer with one of many DIY robotic arm kits. There is no question that robots are a huge part of the future. They are performing jobs that we never thought possible, all thanks to scientists and engineers who have been hard at work in dark labs working, …

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Photoelectric effect demonstration

teaching the photoelectric effect to kids

Learn how light can be converted into electricity through play What you’ll learn:What the photoelectric effect is, and how the threshold frequency (or color) of the incident light impacts the current generated.Key takeaways:The photoelectric effect uses the energy from light to release electrons in a metal and create a current. …

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Pi Day Projects for Kids

pi day projects for kids pi day activities to delight

Fun projects to celebrate March 14th (aka Pi Day) Pi Day: Celebrating the number that stole the world.Quite possibly the most famous number around doesn’t even look like a number. Its name, yes, it has a name, is Pi. Why is Pi so important?Pi is what we call an irrational number. …

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Color changing Easter eggs

natural easter egg dye with acid base indicators

Use chemistry to make super cool Easter eggs Jump to supply list There are all sorts of ideas on where the practice of Easter egg dying came from. Some suppose it was Mary Magdeline, whom upon bringing a basket of cooked eggs to share with others mourning Jesus’ death found …

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