Celebrating black scientists with fun paper circuit activities

paper circuit activities celebrating black scientists

This is a fun set of paper circuit activities to celebrate some amazing black scientists. Without men and women of all backgrounds, our science would be far less rich. Here is the supply list you will need for this week’s activities: Paper circuit supplies on Amazon  George Washington Carver (Agriculture) Born …

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Simple Machines: Learning on the Playground

Discover how simple machines make our lives easier through hands on, life scale, DIY simple machines in the playground! Jump to a section IntroductionProject IngredientsProject SetupTips and TricksConclusion Simple machines help us move things This simple machines activity is day 2 of my fun hands on elementary physics 3 day …

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Harry Potter Potions: Rosea Revelantis – The Acid Tester

Girls work on a chemistry potion during a harry potter themed camp

Mesmorize friends with this fun magical chemistry experiment that changes color with the pour of a glass or the breath from your lips! Jump to a section IntroductionProject IngredientsProject SetupTips and TricksConclusion Bring potions class to your home One of my favorite parts of Harry Potter is Potions class. I …

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Thanksgiving Table Toppers

Image of a completed turkey table topper kids paper circuits project. Image is of a purple and white polka dot turkey feather area with a blue polka dot body. The turkey has a purple hat which has a rainbow flashing LED in it.

Download our thanksgiving kids paper circuit and create a festive LED turkey table toppers! Get photos and videos on how to make this fun science project! Jump to a section IntroductionProject IngredientsProject SetupTips and TricksConclusion Thanksgiving LED Paper Circuit Project Let’s make awesome, and bright, Thanksgiving table toppers. These fun …

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Invisibilitas Potion: Creating an Invisibility Potion

girls working at table on harry potter invisibility potion

Have you ever made an invisibility potion? I am a huge fan of all types of color changing potions that can grab kids attention and immerse them in chemistry at the same time. Why not make a Harry Potter one! Previously we have made color changing juice that goes through …

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Drawing Robot: Learn how to create robot art

drawing robot DIY featured

What you’ll learn: How to make a drawing robot. Key takeaways: Robots aren’t just those we can control with chips. Brainless robots can also do fun things, like create robot art. Building a drawing robot with your kids is a great afternoon project that will end in lots of squeals …

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Learning Quantum Entanglement

quantum entanglement and random number generation for kids

From the National Institute of Standards and Technology to your home. Learn about cutting edge random number generators in this hands-on lab. What you’ll learn: How to entangle two magnets and recreate a quantum entangled system of random number generation. Key takeaways: Random numbers are difficult to create, but are …

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Father’s Day Science Crafts

fathers day crafts and gifts

Fun STEM based projects that will make dad smile Father’s Day Science Crafts for Kids ​Make a small first aid or survival kit Create a fishy Father’s day card Build a motion activated surprise Make a spectacular dessert (or the best french fry dip ever) Let’s celebrate Dad with fun …

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o-FISH-ally the coolest Father’s day card

fathers day card fishing kids craft

Create a fun moving card with some awfully fishy jokes. What you’ll learn: How to create a simple LED circuit card. Key takeaways: Switches are on when a conductor closes the gap between two wries. This will turn the LED on. Dad is awesome. And cheesy. And he deserves a …

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