Engineering Cupid’s Bow and Arrow

diy simple electronics circuits for kids mothers day tea cozy supplies

What you’ll learn: Engineering and design principles. Key takeaways: Tinkering, modifying, and editing a design can help the final piece function better. Valentine’s science experiments are a fun way to bring play into the holiday. This is a fun Valentine’s day kids project that can easily be packed up into …

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Egg Drop Challenge: An engineering based science project

egg drop challenge with a completed whole egg dropped off the observatory roof

A messy engineering challenge that fosters creativity Egg Drop Challenge for creative afternoons. The egg drop project is one of those science projects that can really fluster kids. But it also really helps them think outside of the box and apply engineering skills.  You don’t need much for the egg …

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How to make a paper box for Valentine’s day

Have you ever wondered how to make a paper box? Let’s learn how to make a paper box together, and then you can use your engineering skills to change that plain paper box into a heart-shaped paper box for Valentine’s day! I love DIY paper boxes for a few reasons, but mainly …

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Gingerbread House Kit​ vs. a DIY Gingerbread House

winter crafts for kids gingerbread house kit

Every year when December comes around my kids are ecstatic to make our DIY gingerbread house. We often go all out, making our own dough in a cast iron skillet (which is called for in the recipe), cutting out the pieces by hand, and assembling them eagerly. This year I …

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