Flat Rosie in the Lab

Thanks for being a part of our Flat Rosie project!
Thanks for being a part of our Flat Rosie Project!

We always want to know when Flat Rosie has been up to something fantastic.

Whether she visited a University lab, made a potato clock in middle school or investigated exploding volcanoes at home, we would love to see Rosie in action. Tell us a little bit about what Flat Rosie was up to and send us a photo.  We will make sure to add it to her lab book!

Then, take a moment to check out the research labs she has been visiting in her spare time. 

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Ultrafast Dynamics at Zurich ETH
Flat Rosie just got back from her first international trip to the ETH lab with the Swiss Federal Institute of[...]
Earthworm Neurons | Flat Rosie
High school students at PGSS got to learn about earthworm neurons this summer. Dr. Carrie Doonan and Dr. Emily Drill from Carnegie Mellon University over-watched[...]
Flat Rosie takes to the Road!
A couple of weeks ago, while reading the Flat Stanley books, our little lab assistant really wanted to do a[...]

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