LED solar system – Learn the orbits, planets as we wire up the solar system!

Can you name all 8 planets? In order? By size? And mass? Which one is farthest away? Is there one that used to be called a planet? Do you know why it isn’t any more?

These are all questions we’ll talk about and we’ll search for the answers as we build our LED solar system circuits. 

Our kids circuit activities are a great way to understand how electrons move through a loop, or ‘circuit’ as they are pushed by batteries along copper corridors.

Come join us!

Dr. Erica and Evan

Parents: One thing we learned last night during science happy hour was that routine is one of the most valuable things we have been giving our kids. We will be here at 1130 every day, for the duration, so if you need some routine to give your kiddos, drop them off with us for an hour! 

close up of sun from LED solar system in kids circuit activity

LED Solar System Model (Paper Circuits)

Activity: Light up the Sun.

Create a bright LED solar system model using paper circuits!


  • Copper tape – might also be available at Walmart or hardware stores
  • LEDs  – maybe at Walmart or specialty electronic stores
  • CR2032 batteries – walmart or the grocery store
  • Printout (template)
  • Printout (scaled planet sheet)

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