Celebrating black scientists with fun paper circuit activities

paper circuit activities celebrating black scientists

This is a fun set of paper circuit activities to celebrate some amazing black scientists. Without men and women of all backgrounds, our science would be far less rich. Here is the supply list you will need for this week’s activities: Paper circuit supplies on Amazon  George Washington Carver (Agriculture) Born …

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Magnetic Slime recipe and Tutorial!

magnetic slime image with iron filings showing magnetic field lines

It’s Slime day! Slime Day!! Magnetic Slime Day! Magnets! We need some slime-loving, magnet hoarding kiddos for today’s lesson! Today, we’re making magnetic slime, which is amazing, and then we’re using that slime to visualize the field lines that surround magnets. Which is even more amazing! We’ve got the Zoom …

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Make a Playdoh Sculpture light up with squishy circuits

pink conductive dough or playdoh to make squishy circuits light up LEDs kids activity

PSA No Playdough? You can easily make your own conductive dough with the recipe here:   https://rosieresearch.com/playdough-circuits/  I’ve also copied it at the bottom of the email. Hey Science Family! Ready to lock in some electron knowledge?  It’s time to add a little zip and zazzle to your sculpture making by …

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DIY Morse code box – Paper Circuit Activity

diy paper circuit kids activity

Hey Spy Science Eavesdroppers! We’ve gathered intel, we’ve learned our tradecraft, we’ve encoded our messages and placed our dead drop. Now it’s time to radio in to base to let them know!  But wait, we can’t just call them up, we need to send a secret message. We need to …

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LED Bug Sculpture – Simple circuit activity for kids

red led circuit bug sculpture kids simple circuit activity

It’s Circuit Friday!!!  Who’s excited?? I’m excited!!!!! We came up with this fun project a couple weeks ago and I have been itching to make it happen.  Today, we’re making LED Bug sculptures using all the circuit skills we practice every week. These super cute little circuit bugs are easy …

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What do bugs love? learning about entomology and isopods

science project image of pill bugs - isopods

Hey Science Family! They don’t leave slime, they don’t bite, they roll around and have dainty little legs. Who am I talking about? Pillbugs of course! Today we’re going to learn a little about our friendly little leaf-eating friends, and build them a super sweet viewing chamber so we can …

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