A deadly hug | Viruses and Hairy Nanoparticles

hairy nanoparticles can adhere to viruses from wikicommons

Viruses have long been a frustrating enemy of humankind.Unlike bacterial infections that we learned to treat with medicines like penicillin, there is no corollary to antibiotics. The closest thing we have to “antiviruses” would be vaccinations. Historically we have treated viral infections and outbreaks like influenza and polio with a series …

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Optogenetics: When the Force finds Light Control

optogenetics mouse

Controlling the brain. The world where the Force can control your thoughts with a hand wave is coming soon to theaters near you. In the real world scientists are playing catch up and controlling the brain with light. Two leaders in the field just won the Breakthrough Prize. Karl Deisseroth …

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Contagious Killing: How Mass Shootings Catch On

mass shootings are contagious

We see them in the news, seemingly all of the time. Mass shootings. And while we may not be able to agree on how to prevent mass shootings in the future, one study is shedding a little light on possibly one of the scariest aspects of mass shootings. Mass shootings …

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