After SChool Programs, day camps and Classes on Bainbridge Island

We aim to create the best hands on after school STEM programming on the island. Learn more about how we achieve that.

Featured day CAMP

Conference Day Camps

1/20 | 1/23 | 1/24 | 9:00 am-12:00 noonTake the stress out of the conference day week with morning day camps. You have enough time to get your emails out and the dishes done, and they will come home happy!

a student hold up an LED creation made during a conference day camp with Dr Erica on Bainbridge Island

2019-2020 School Year programs

January: Tinkerlab – Game Editon

Wilkes: Mondays 12:50-2:30 | MCS: Mondays 3:00-4:30 | Ordway: Tuesdays 2:20-4:00Build your own fun games in this building and tinkering focused class. Make a marble run, an LED basketball game, and a game of our own creation. Kids in this class can choose to make their own games, or choose as a class to go in a different direction.

February: Projectile Motion

Wilkes: Mondays 12:50-2:30 | MCS: Mondays 3:00-4:30 | Ordway: Tuesdays 2:20-4:00Get ready to launch as we build slingshots, catapults, and cork shooters!

March: Hydraulics

Wilkes: Mondays 12:50-2:30 | MCS: Mondays 3:00-4:30 | Ordway: Tuesdays 2:20-4:00Learn how to create movement using liquid and syringes! From elevators to drawbridges this class will combine physics with the art of Making!

April: Smart Garden

Wilkes: Mondays 12:50-2:30 | MCS: Mondays 3:00-4:30 | Ordway: Tuesdays 2:20-4:00Get your garden started early as we mold our own water pumping clay pots and layer our own compost!

May: Spy science

Wilkes: Mondays 12:50-2:30 | MCS: Mondays 3:00-4:30 | Ordway: Tuesdays 2:20-4:00Learn the art of spycraft as we create ciphers, write in code, practice our memory skills and more!

2020 Summer Camps are OPEN for registration!

What We do

After school programs with Dr. Erica focus on bringing more kids into science through hands-on, inquiry-based activities. The skills our students learn do not meet any NGSS checkboxes. However, these skills will certainly be built upon in high school and college science classes. 

My goal is for our after school programs to make it to the dinner table.

The mark of success of any youth after school program is whether or not it makes it to dinner table conversation. If it does, that means the kids were engaged and excited about the projects. There are, of course, other research-based marks of success in an after school program that we strive for such as:

  • Developing positive relationships with adults
  • Finding the strengths of each student and building upon those
  • Providing challenges that students can stretch to achieve
  • Providing creative activities to engage in
  • Implementing scientific concepts that build a foundation for future learning

Ready to sign your child up for exciting, science-based, hands-on after school programs on or near Bainbridge Island?

Find your school below to discover our current schedule. Don’t see the after school classes you were hoping for at your school? BISD busses students from Blakely and Wilkes to Ordway Elementary, which means your student can attend those after school programs as well. In addition, you can drive your student to one of the BISD after school programs to create a schedule that meets your needs. 

Current Class Locations

Don’t see your school? Create a custom after school program for your school or group

Get Dr. Erica to teach your small group!

Right now I teach most of my classes through BIParks, but I do run outside classes with school groups! For example, in the past we have run our programs afterschool at The Island School and at Carden Country School. Want to start your own class? Just email us with the details! Learn more about creating your own class below.

  • Classes should have between 6-12 students (cost is $100/student/4 week unit)
  • Classes run 1-1.5 hour and include all supplies necessary
  • We travel to your location
  • Class duration is customizable, but often each unit is 4 weeks
  • I can teach afterschool OR during BISD school hours! Morning classes are great for homeschool groups!
  • Choose one of our popular classes like Robots 101, Paper Circuits, Signs of Life, etc or create your own class around your curriculum!
Bainbridge Island Map of Science Classes

Anatomy of Dr. Erica’s After School Programs

Dr. Erica’s Bainbridge Island after school programs all follow a similar schedule, despite the topic at hand. All after school programs run for an hour and a half, with the first 30 minutes filled with free play on the playground or at a game table and snacks. 

The remaining hour is devoted to learning and creating. 

Sample projects from our after school classes

  • Create a hexbug from simple circuit materials (Zombie Robots)
  • Draw, design, and create something from your imagination (Tinkerlab)
  • Engineer a laser projection microscope to look at puddle water (Lights and Lasers)
  • Extract DNA from various foods (Alien Invasion)
  • Design a spaghetti bridge to hold the most rocks (Engineering Challenges)
  • Design a color piano with an RGB LED and template (Paper Circuits)
  • Learn how to distinguish fingerprints (Spy Science)
  • Create a musical piano with a breadboard (Circuits Camp)
  • Learn about animals, scat, and tracks (Animal Tracking)
DIY gel window clings teach osmosis this holiday season
how to make a mummy - hot dog mummification activity for kids

Pricing of our after school classes

Pricing of our programs varies by the number of days in each session. Typical sessions run four weeks and are priced at $100, which includes all materials for each student. Due to the nature of our classes, drop-in sessions are not available.

Need more information?

To learn more about our after school programs, day camps, and school break camps feel free to contact Dr. Erica through email at