Shrinking to the Nanoscale

Discover how a team of MIT researchers have taken cues from “Honey I shrunk the Kids” and made it real.Shrinking to Nano3D printing in the nanoscale has been a challenge for researchers around the world. While we have a desire to fabricate parts smaller and smaller, our abilities have lagged …

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Saving the Great Barrier Reef

Two scuba divers check the health of the Great Barrier Reef

A sunshade to save the Great Barrier Reef.This week the University of Melbourne released a new method to potentially save the Great Barrier reef, and it is basically a giant sunshade.What is the sunshade made of?The proposed sunshade to protect the Great Barrier reef from incident sunlight is made of …

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Recycling CO2 to make Ethanol

Synthetic Photosynthesis would recycle carbon dioxide while creating ethanol

Carbon dioxide is a pesky gas that is building up in our atmosphere from burning too many fossil fuels. About 10-25% of the greenhouse effect is due to carbon dioxide in our atmosphere.Carbon Dioxide and the Greenhouse Effect.Life on Earth relies on a delicate balance of heat from our Sun. …

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