Heidi’s Hearing Plants

Dr. Heidi Appel – The scientist who listens to plants Did you know plants can ‘hear’ and react? That is the newest discovery about plants presented in Oecologia. Plants can send sense vibrations. Recent studies have shown that their roots can use certain vibrations to seek out water. And an …

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Alice and the Exploding Ants

Alice Laciny classifies a new species of exploding ants. Can you imagine protecting your family by ripping open your abdomen and spewing toxic goo on an intruder? Me neither. I feel like dialing 9-1-1 or forging a pair of scissors is more reasonable. For some ants, however, suicide goo-ing is …

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Che Connon’s Corneas

dr-swioklo-and-professor-che-connon 3d printed cornea

Dr. Che Connon – Creating Corneas This past month an article on 3D printed corneas was published in Experimental Eye Research that shows the feasibility of creating unique corneas on demand. The breakthrough holds promise to help treat the nearly 12.7 million people worldwide in need of a cornea transplant. Currently, …

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Peter Bierhorst Loves Random Numbers

peter bierhorst NIST quantum entanglement random number generation

Dr. Peter Bierhorst – The scientist who loves randomness Just a few months ago a mind-blowing article on random number generation was published in Nature. Researchers were able to generate random numbers using entangled photons, and then prove that the numbers were in fact random. This difficult task was spearheaded by Dr. Peter …

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