Father’s Day Science Crafts

Fun STEM based projects that will make dad smile

Father’s Day Science Crafts for Kids

  1. Make a small first aid or survival kit
  2. Create a fishy Father’s day card
  3. Build a motion activated surprise
  4. Make a spectacular dessert (or the best french fry dip ever)

Let’s celebrate Dad with fun science crafts to make him laugh!

1. Make a small survival kit

Get dad prepared for a summer of fun by making an easy first aid or survival kit that packs into an Altoids tin. You have a lot of what you need for this project already lying around your house! Bonus if you paint the tin with your own art.

2. Create a cool Father’s day card

Let dad go fishing from the comfort of the couch with a creative, and educational, LED card (there is even an easier template for kids who aren’t ready for paper circuits)!

3. Build a motion activated surprise

Jump into the world of Arduino, circuit building and programming with a fun and simple introduction. The programming is done for you, and we laid out a step by step guide to making a motion detecting Star Wars playing circuit. Learn as we explain how pieces of the code work together.

4. Learn how to make ice cream that fizzes

A new take on homemade ice cream that is sure to delight kids as they make, and taste, this fizzy treat. This is the perfect french fry dip to accompany Dad’s grilling platter this summer.