Soda bottle water rocket launcher

water rocket launcher with soda bottle rocket and fins

Make a cool summer sprinkler that involves blasting off!What you’ll learn:How rockets fly and engineering principlesKey takeaways:Testing can help you determine what design parameters will lead to the best flights. Jump to supply list Soda bottle rockets are a fun way to stave off the summer heat. Kids will get …

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DIY Recycled Robot for kids

Use circuit basics to make a simple moving robot from your recycling bin. What you’ll learn:How to wire a simple circuit that includes a DC motor.Key takeaways:​ Jump to supply list Kids LOVE robots.In this project, we want to harness their love and excitement of robots to begin to think …

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Build a Robotic Arm

Turn into an engineer with one of many DIY robotic arm kits. There is no question that robots are a huge part of the future. They are performing jobs that we never thought possible, all thanks to scientists and engineers who have been hard at work in dark labs working, …

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