Unbreakable Glass and Harry Potter Levitation

unbreakable glass and cracked cell phones

What if we could have glass stronger than aluminum? What if we had unbreakable glass? We would have safer cars, safer buildings, and better smart-phone covers. Imagine a world where a flying rock doesn’t even leave a mark on your windshield. Or a world where dropping your phone for the …

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Can Orange Peels Save the Ocean from Mercury?

Mercury detection using orange peels and industrial waste

Some of the best discoveries were made by accident. Penicillin was discovered when a petri dish of bacteria was left out and uncovered long enough to grow mold. The mold, in turn killed surrounding bacterial colonies, and one of the most powerful antibacterial drugs was born. On another front, chocolate …

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Defining the Kilogram, Resolving Conflict.

redefininghte kilogram with silicon spheres

Units are essential to understanding and talking about the world around us. They give each and everyone of us a base. When we talk about our weight, or the speed of our cars we are using units. It would be awfully confusing, however if units changed on a whim. If …

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Candle Soot Powering Electric Cars

Lithium Ion batteries

Can you imagine powering an electric car with candles? New research shows that soot from burning candles could be the perfect anode material for larger batteries. How do Lithium Ion Batteries work? Lithium ion batteries use  negatively charged lithium ions which travel to a positive electrode while discharging. When the …

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Lab Grown Kidney Transplant Tissue

rudimentary kidney transplant tissue

Watch a few old movies and you might catch one that has organs growing in test tubes. Lab grown transplant tissue has been long sought after as there is a huge shortage of organs with many patients on a long wait list.   Growing Kidney Transplant Tissue This week scientists …

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2015 Nobel Prizes in Science

2015 Nobel Prize Awardees: What they did. Named after Alfred Nobel and established in 1895 the Nobel Prize is an annual award to recognize significant advancements in academia, science and culture. Each year a long nomination and selection process happens to identify community members who have made the greatest contribution …

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Philae Finds Organic Molecules

Philae finds organic molecules

The historic comet landing. After a 10 year voyage Philae landed on Comet 67P – Rosetta’s Stone. Landing on the comet was a feat in and of itself. Armed with harpoons and a broken cold gas thruster it was given the go ahead to land November 12, 2014. The Philae …

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