Tiny Lasers: Smaller than Cells

Lasers Everywhere. Lasers have become common in everyday life. From use in DVD machines to college lectures across the country lasers are everywhere. You can even make a laser projection microscope to look at cells swimming in water. Lasers are different from colored light because it has a well defined …

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Self Assembling Bricks: Just Shake, Rattle and Roll

self assembling bricks create an object in a spinning chamber

How do we build things? Usually we put together pieces of a whole. We build brick after brick to make houses. We have always relied on assembly lines of one sort or another. In some cases, we rely on nature to build it. How does nature assemble things? From things as …

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Dark Matter Croonies…I mean, Pions


One of Rosie’s First adventure was the Case of the Dark Matter Croonies, where a friend of hers wakes up with dark matter croonies hanging on to him. This causes a whole lot of headaches anything with matter starts being attracted to him. There are even a few close calls …

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Windbot takes notes from Dandelions

  Seeing the Gas Giants We have had missions to the rocky planets. Venus. Mercury. Earth. Mars. They have all been landed upon. But how can we land when there is no…surface? How can we learn about the atmosphere? Both Jupiter’s or Earth’s? Scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab have …

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MCity, where no humans are allowed!

Ever wonder when your next family road trip vacation won’t involve driving? When everyone can kick back and play the games or read a book?   MCity hopes to make a big step. A step towards the vision of driverless cars. It just opened up – but not for you …

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Carbon Dating will soon be obsolete

William the Conquerer dressed with Carbon dating in 2050

  Carbon dating will soon be obsolete When Archaeologists find a new fossil and want to find out how old it is what do they do? They carbon date it. But soon they won’t be able to. What is Carbon Dating? Carbon Dating looks at the amount of 14C an …

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