Optogenetics: When the Force finds Light Control

optogenetics mouse

Controlling the brain. The world where the Force can control your thoughts with a hand wave is coming soon to theaters near you. In the real world scientists are playing catch up and controlling the brain with light. Two leaders in the field just won the Breakthrough Prize. Karl Deisseroth …

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Unbreakable Glass and Harry Potter Levitation

unbreakable glass and cracked cell phones

What if we could have glass stronger than aluminum? What if we had unbreakable glass? We would have safer cars, safer buildings, and better smart-phone covers. Imagine a world where a flying rock doesn’t even leave a mark on your windshield. Or a world where dropping your phone for the …

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Rosie, the Space Station and Micrometeorites

The ISS is getting bombarded with micrometeorites, and just last night one chipped a window. Rosie needs to form a plan to make sure no meteorites damage the space station. Can she save the astronauts? Let’s help Rosie find out. The Space Station and micrometeorites are hurtling in orbit together …

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Math and Memory: Defining our Brains with Math

Math and memory: defining memory pathways with new math theory

Every day we access our sequential memory. Simple tasks such as remembering a phone number use it. So does recalling how events unfolded one night fifteen years ago. Understanding how our sequential memory works could help us understand a variety of mental illnesses. Illnesses such as ADD, bipolar and OCD. …

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Supersonic Dinosaurs

supersonic apatosaurs tail

For almost 20 years some scientists have claimed it wasn’t Chuck Yaeger who was the first living thing to travel faster than the speed of sound. Who did they propose was the first? Supersonice Dinosaurs. Well, their tails at least. The Apatosaurus was between 70 and 90 feet long, with their …

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Defining the Kilogram, Resolving Conflict.

redefininghte kilogram with silicon spheres

Units are essential to understanding and talking about the world around us. They give each and everyone of us a base. When we talk about our weight, or the speed of our cars we are using units. It would be awfully confusing, however if units changed on a whim. If …

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Light Based Memory Chip Breaks Records

In an age where smaller and smaller computers are everywhere data storage is at a premium. We write and read our data to hard drives in 0’s and 1’s. Of course, they aren’t really little tiny 0’s and 1’s inside the hard drive. Typically we have a sheet of magnetic material that is …

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Blinging Tumors: Nano diamonds find Cancer

nano diamonds in cancer treatment

Tiny nano diamonds might be the next big thing in finding cancer. Five years ago scientists noticed that nano diamonds emited light differently than their much larger cousins. These nano diamonds range in size, some as small as 5 nano meters. For scale, the width of a human hair is …

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2015 Nobel Prizes in Science

2015 Nobel Prize Awardees: What they did. Named after Alfred Nobel and established in 1895 the Nobel Prize is an annual award to recognize significant advancements in academia, science and culture. Each year a long nomination and selection process happens to identify community members who have made the greatest contribution …

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