Creating Fun Science

With kids, mixing art and science together is the perfect way for them to enjoy learning. That’s why we are creating fun science.

What better way to hold a captive audience as you mention cool and exciting facts to them, then to have them engaged in a related art project.¬†When we run our kids science shows with our local Observatory for a Parent-Kid date nights, I always make sure to mix in a TON of art. Art that they get to take home and learn from while it’s on their walls! Creating fun science can be easy if we change our perspective of what “science” is.

What better way to learn about the distances, sizes and orders of our planet than to decorate each one and put them along beads on a string? Creating fun science is important to Dr. Erica of Rosie Research.

Kids don’t enjoy dry and mundane. They don’t enjoy worksheets and problem sets.

Kids enjoy creating. We enjoy creating fun science.

This should be the focus of all our science curriculum: creating. Creating time machines to save wary travelers, creating telescopes to watch the night sky, creating solar systems to learn about our little neighborhood, creating ships to carry pirate treasure…

In that creation comes learning, and not just technical factual learning – but also learning things like cooperative skills, motor skills and more. In that creation they enjoy the learning, they get excited, they ask questions and, they want to learn more.

Our Rosie labs are all focused around keeping kids science projects fun. We work hard on the design and art included in each lab to keep the learning fun and prevent the feel of a worksheet. We dream up fun mysteries so your kids can really dive deeply into their learning without feeling like science is old and boring.

Best of all, our add-on activities kits help you find new ways to approach the same topics. All blended together so it feels like you are just exploring a different part of the mystery.

We’re committed to working hard to create fun kids science projects that dig deep into the technical, while rising high into the art.

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