Learning Optics: Hands on STEM

Whew, learning optics can be so much fun! It has been a crazy busy few days, my two day optics program just premiered in a Kindergarten class and I am so excited to report they LOVED it!!

They got so excited about saving the world from the Asteroid of Doom. When we regrouped it was great to hear them talk about how the lenses woulf bend the light in certain ways, and how they used that to save the world.

I realized as I was prepping for this project that some fun little drawings would definitely help them sit still for the story reading. I am planning on making them into coloring sheets for the final homeschool science lab! This is going to be a great cool science experiment to do at home with your kids, I am giddy just thinking about it!

All these photos are from part one of the lab, when they learn hands on how lenses bend light, even making a pair of glasses!!

Could learning optics be more fun?

Probably not. It’s not that the act of learning optics is fun (which, I personally think it is). It’s that our mysteries really do draw kids in, creating truly inquiry based science. This is how science should be done. With multiple ways to attack a problem, seeking into the unknown and having fun all at the same time. Learning optics and kids science has never been more fun!

I can’t wait to see how the gelatin optics go over with the kids tomorrow. They were certainly worried when I told them there was a small issue with their solution – but they have no idea what it is!

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