Scaling Science – Guides for Homeschoolers

We had so many questions about scaling science in our labs at different levels that I decided to go ahead and make a guide for each lab!

Scaling science guides help you get the most out of our STEM mysteries!

All of our labs, just as all of the sciences, are incredibly scalable. Your kindergartner doesn’t need to know a whole lot about what makes a solution acidic and basic to get some great observations out of our FREE Cabbage pH lab. They can group items into acidic and basic, look at comparisons between groupings, learn graph reading skills, numerology and reactions!

On the flip side, second and third graders are ready to learn that molecules can break into smaller pieces, and even if we can’t see the individual pieces, like more hydrogen ions in an acidic solution, we can observe these changes through the reaction.

Fourth and fifth graders are ready to take a closer look at the molecules in solution, the changes that happen and draw out what is happening. They can also run independent experiments looking at the amount of vinegar added and the pH change induced!

Every level can gain knowledge and skills from all of our labs, even Moms and Dads and learn a little something and have a whole lot of fun along the way!