Make a Playdoh Sculpture light up with squishy circuits

PSA No Playdough? You can easily make your own conductive dough with the recipe here:  I’ve also copied it at the bottom of the email.

Hey Science Family!

Ready to lock in some electron knowledge? 

It’s time to add a little zip and zazzle to your sculpture making by using conductive dough to light up your LEDs. No copper tape necessary! 

Today, we’re using our imaginations to create sculptures from electrically conductive dough. 

Ideally our sculptures have a light up, or buzzing component that can take advantage of the fact that we’ll be attaching a battery. Maybe you can even make your sculpture move?!?

Parent Takeaway – Circuits often take troubleshooting but this is a pretty simple one so look for connection issues and keep doublechecking with every step

 Links: Livestream

Wednesday: Squishy circuits (Physics)

Activity: Make circuit sculptures

Create a car with headlights, or a dog with a rainbow heart – all using playdough to sculpt our circuits


  • Playdough, or DIY salt dough
  • Wires or aluminum foil
  • LEDs
  • 9V battery
  • 9V battery hat 

Need to make conductive dough? Here is the recipe I use: