Squishy Circuits: Teaching Kids Basic Circuit Building

September will bring our squishy circuits lab to life – a lab where kids will help out Rosie and the Museum of Modern Art in New York. MOMA needs a new hands on collection that attendees can sculpt and light up on their own! The lab has lots of fun activities like cutting and pasting a circuit together, testing circuit components and more.

We are always striving to make more connections and create more fun than just one afternoon, which is where our add on activities come inhandy. Each add on activity let’s kids dig deeper at their own level in their own interests, which let’s them learn science while doing projects they truly enjoy!

This month we are dreaming up some fun add ons to support learning about circuits and electricity.

Chemistry loving kids can make their own battery cell with different solutions to light up an LED. Engineering loving kids will build and decorate their own LED flashlight, a fun activity in wiring, planning, and even art. Evan dreamed up a great activity to little biologists – researching animals that create their own light, drawing them and then wiring them so they can light up!

We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us designing and creating the engaging squishy circuits materials, and even creating a kit you can buy through our store that will have lots of the goodies that aren’t as easy to source (don’t worry though, if you like sourcing it yourself, we will still be getting you the sourcing guide)!

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