Squishy Circuits Kit


Rosie is helping the Museum of Modern Art with a new exhibit – one where patrons can sculpt their own light up art pieces with no wires attached! All of the lab components can be found at your local electronics store, or you can get this kit for a quick start on her adventure! Lab book, parent teacher guides and add on activities sold separately as a download. Get the lab today!

Kit includes:

  • 5 blinking rainbow LEDs
  • 5 color LEDs
  • 2 feet of copper tape
  • 2 button batteries
  • 2 x 2 feet of wire
  • 9V battery¬†snap (battery not included)




Make light up cards, mold your own squishy circuits, and have a ball learning about electricity! This kit is a supplement to our lab, Rosie Research and the Shape Shifting Circuit. This is a great afternoon science activity with your kids, and with this kit you will have all the uncommon things you will need!


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