DIY Box Cars

kids engineering recycled box cars

Combine imagination with engineering in this preschool science project What you’ll learn:How to add an axle and wheels onto a recycled box carKey takeaways:Engineering and art both require creative thinking and problem solving. Jump to supply list There are all sorts of engineering projects that kids can partake in. Some …

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A DIY Light-up Fairy House

Brighten your fairy garden houses and learn circuits with simple LED lights

Learn how to make a simple LED circuit to brighten your fairy house What you’ll learn:How to make a simple LED circuit to light up a fairy lantern or DIY fairy house.Key takeaways:LEDs are one way streets and must be connected to the battery in the right direction. Another key …

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Easter Crafts for Kids

easter crafts for kids using easter science

Celebrate Easter with fun science based crafts Easter Crafts for KidsColor changing eggsHollow chocolate eggsEngineering challenge: Egg dropsVector treasure huntEaster is approaching and we want to use the holiday to also teach science. That means dreaming up Easter science projects that can double as Easter crafts for kids. We came …

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Color changing Easter eggs

natural easter egg dye with acid base indicators

Use chemistry to make super cool Easter eggs Jump to supply list There are all sorts of ideas on where the practice of Easter egg dying came from. Some suppose it was Mary Magdeline, whom upon bringing a basket of cooked eggs to share with others mourning Jesus’ death found …

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