DIY Magnetic Field Viewer

diy magnetic field viewer fun for kids

What you’ll learn:Magnets have magnetic fields that create forces. These fields can move other objects.Key takeaways:A magnetic metal, like iron, is attracted to a strong magnet. The magnetic field lines are where the forces of the magnet act. Supply list for our magnetic field viewer Jump to our favorite magnets …

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Navigate Our Ozobot Maze | Programming for Beginners

ozobot mazes and downlaodable ozobot lessons

Start to learn programming skills with our downloadable Ozobot maze templates. You can print, or purchase, Ozobot sticker labels which have the Ozobot color codes printed on them to make this project a great way to teach programming to kids! Will you be able to complete our Ozobot maze challenge?

DIY 3D Cards: LED Pop Up Hearts

popup card template LED 3D cards heart

What you’ll learn:How to create 3D cards from a pop up card template, and basic paper circuits.Key takeaways:2D cards can turn into 3D cards with a little cutting and folding. You can make circuits with a few simple ingredients: copper tape, LEDs, and a battery. Jump to supply list DIY …

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DIY Conductive Paint Recipe

learn how to make conductive paint with a simple diy conductive paint recipe

DIY Conductive Paint Recipe (aka electric glue) Learn how to make conductive paint or electric glue! This cheap homemade electric glue recipe uses two ingredients and is perfect for paper circuits! You can use it to improve your copper tape circuits or to see if you can make a circuit …

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Solar Composition

learn the solar composition

What you’ll learn:What our sun is made of and how we discovered what is in our sun.Key takeaways:We can look at the colors of excited gasses, or spectra, to determine what elements our sun is made of. Jump to supply list Our sun is packed with cultural, scientific, and religious …

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Writing in Binary

writing in binary ascii code

What you’ll learn:How to write your name in binary, ascii, format.Computers can only store information in a series of 0s and 1s.Key takeaways:Using only two digits, 0 and 1, we can write entire novels.  Jump to supply list Writing in binary is unlike writing in any other language. Everytime you save …

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