Evolution of Snakes: Lizards to Slitherers

This fossil of a four legged snake shows an evolutionary step from lizards to snakes

  This newly found fossil is causing quite a stir. Can you figure out why? Here’s a hint: It looks like a snake, and it is. Kind of. It is the evolutionary cousin to the snake, a mix between a snake and a lizard. A new fossil that is teaching …

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Flat Rosie takes to the Road!

The first Flat Rosie designed by Isabella takes to the mail for her lab travels

A couple of weeks ago, while reading the Flat Stanley books, our little lab assistant really wanted to do a similar project. Instead of sending Flat Stanley to friends and family, however, she wanted to send a Flat Rosie to labs around the world. With Erica’s connections to scientific research …

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MCity, where no humans are allowed!

Ever wonder when your next family road trip vacation won’t involve driving? When everyone can kick back and play the games or read a book?   MCity hopes to make a big step. A step towards the vision of driverless cars. It just opened up – but not for you …

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Carbon Dating will soon be obsolete

William the Conquerer dressed with Carbon dating in 2050

  Carbon dating will soon be obsolete When Archaeologists find a new fossil and want to find out how old it is what do they do? They carbon date it. But soon they won’t be able to. What is Carbon Dating? Carbon Dating looks at the amount of 14C an …

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Build your Own Kids Microscope

What features can you find on money using your kids microscope?

Learn how lenses can affect what we see Cheap and easy kids microscopes made of water!Ever want to help your child get a closer look at their surroundings? Now you can with this easy to make kids microscope you can make with items lying around your house. If you want a …

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Pluto’s Frozen Heart

The New Horizons Mission had it’s closest fly by of Pluto just four days ago. It took ten years and a trip of 7.5 billion kilometers (thats 4.67 billion miles) to get there – imagine how hard it was to actually fly by Pluto! New Horizons was built to act …

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