Flat Rosie takes to the Road!

The first Flat Rosie designed by Isabella takes to the mail for her lab travels

A couple of weeks ago, while reading the Flat Stanley books, our little lab assistant really wanted to do a similar project. Instead of sending Flat Stanley to friends and family, however, she wanted to send a Flat Rosie to labs around the world. With Erica’s connections to scientific research getting a few labs to accept her was no problem at all.

She did need to have some modifications though. A friend pointed out she might need a mask if she was immunocompromised Erica realized Flat Rosie really needed a whole set of personal protective gear. A few days later Flat Rosie was equipped with gloves, a lab coat, goggles, and even a bio-hazard suit. Now Flat Rosie can safely travel to any lab that is willing to accept her.

flat rosie design

Help Flat Rosie on her Research Lab Adventures

Rosie has a wonderful list of labs to visit, but we would love to expand her travels. If you are interested in a research lab near you, print out Flat Rosie and her protective gear. Color her in and write the lab a note asking if she can come visit. Then, either the lab or you can upload her experience and tell us a little bit about her adventure. What sort of lab was it? What experiments were happening?

Rosie doesn’t just like research labs, she loves to visit home labs and school labs as well. So join the project with us and help us get Flat Rosie into a lab near you!

Flat Rosie starts her journey


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Send us photos

We want to know what Flat Rosie is up to! Send us your photos and tell us about the lab she visited and we will put you in her lab book!