Mother’s Day Projects

Ideas to make Mother’s day special with science based crafts

Mother’s Day Projects that blend science and art.

It’s time to celebrate Mom! We love projects that blend art and science together. Kids learn best when they are doing things they love and making connections between different subjects. Our Mother’s day projects stay true to that philosophy – they teach real science while kids do fun artsy, craftsy science.

1. Create the ultimate Mother’s day card

Check out three fun Mother’s day card ideas that are sure to delight mom. These cards range from easy 5 minute projects to involved light up LED cards that will fill your afternoon. There are pop-up cards, LED cards, and even thumbprint cards you can make for mom to enjoy reading on her special day.

2. Make a light up mug cozy

Surprise Mom with a creative decoration to her morning coffee or tea. Using pipe cleaners, LEDs, and a CR2032 battery you can sculpt flowers, animal faces, favorite items and more.

You don’t have to make a tea cozy with this project either – you could make a cool pipe cleaner LED bracelet, necklace, or anything else Mom would love!

3. Grow crystal flowers

This is a great spring activity that will brighten your house and is sure to bring in smiles everytime someone looks at your crystal flowers. You don’t need much for this project, mostly flowers, or pretend flowers made of pipe cleaners to let kids sculpt their flowers, and a saturated borax mix for the pipe cleaners to sit in for crystal growth. If you want edible crystals you could skip the flower part and make rock candy instead – just know this takes a couple of weeks so get started early!

4. Create color changing paintings

Kids will learn about the chemistry of acids and bases as they create paintings that can change colors. Kids can choose to layer their paintings, or “splatter” their paintings with a new color as they flick lemon juice or baking soda onto it.