Learning to Solder: Circuits for Kids

We recently wrote a post about planning fun science projects for kids that can last through the holidays. From crystal growing to bone bending and circuit building for kids, the holidays areĀ a great time to learn something new.

This year, at Rosie Research, we are learning to solder.

Circuits for kids has become more accessible than ever with the ability to buy Snap Circuits
or Little Bits – but nothing takes the place of some good one on one time – not to mention learning to solder.

Learning to solder and creating circuits for kids helps them realize that electronics are not little black boxes. It helps them see that your phone, TV, light, radio and more are made up of little circuit pieces. They learn that resistors, LEDs, capacitors, transistors, switches, batteries and more all have a place in making a machine operate.

The first couple of days have been spent learning how to read resistors, learning patience and watching the soldering process. Feel free to follow along with us as we keep on exploring and learning with our bite sized science project for the holidays!


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