Family Holiday Science Projects

December is stock full of family traditions, add holiday science projects to your list this year!

From Hanukkah, to Christmas and Kwanzaa, December is the perfect month to learn a new skill. Better yet, make learning a new skill part of your holiday traditions forever more!

Bite-sized kids science projects can add up over the course of the month allowing you to complete really cool science projects by the time New Year’s arrives!

This year at the Rosie Research headquarters we are going to be learning how to build and solder circuits. Isabella has been begging to do more circuit projects since the squishy circuits lab, not to mention the potato battery lab! I figured, what better way to introduce circuit building and soldering to her than to create our very own light up LED ornament.

Big science projects need to be broken down into smaller science projects for kids. I’m using our advent calendar this year to give her circuit parts each day.

Each day we will pull out the soldering iron and learn a little more. Knowing that we have almost 4 weeks for our science project means we have plenty of time to progress from talking about the circuit to watching the soldering, to helping solder and finally to doing the soldering all by herself!

What holiday science projects are you doing this year?

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