Kids Science Experiments with Rosie

What makes Rosie Research Kids Science Experiments great?

Intriguing Mysteries.

Rosie Research Science Stories

Each Rosie Research lab comes with a fun short story. Our stories engage children to become science sleuths. From solving the mystery of what Rosie put in her drink one morning, to engineering ways to protect the International Space Station, a few minutes of reading will get you and your child in the mood for some serious science. Fun science experiments for kids, with the added bonus of a great story. You can’t pass that up. Go to our downloads page to join in the fun everyone has been talking about.

Iconic Instructions.

Nothing can kill the fun faster than wading through a long list of instructions. If you’re a kid scientist, it could mean you are just sitting there, waiting. Not anymore. Rosie Research science labs incorporate iconic instructions, allowing you to see what you need to do. That means kids and adults can learn the cool experiments together.

Kids science lab iconic instructions

Engaging Activities.

squishy circuits fun science projectsAt Rosie Research, we believe kids science experiments should access all intelligences. That’s why our fun science projects use drawing, coloring, cutting, mixing, pouring, dropping, recording and much more. Science for kids needs to be hands on. Science for kids needs to be fun. Most of all, science for kids needs to be engaging – and we’ve got that covered. Our download page has fun science experiments for kids of all ages. Head on over for home experiments ideas that will wow everyone.

Beautiful Design.

well designed kids science lab

We strive to make cool science experiments accessible to kids and adults alike. The best way to do that is to have beautifully designed labs. Everyone is turned off by poorly created, black and white labs. That kind of lab makes if feel like…work. Kids science experiments at home should be fun. It shouldn’t feel like something you have to get through. Our unique layouts and use of color keep your child engaged and moving through the cool experiments.