Rosie, the Space Station and Micrometeorites

The ISS is getting bombarded with micrometeorites, and just last night one chipped a window. Rosie needs to form a plan to make sure no meteorites damage the space station. Can she save the astronauts?

Let’s help Rosie find out.

The Space Station and micrometeorites are hurtling in orbit together around the Earth. Our atmosphere protects us from these tiny whizzing bullets. How does the Space Station endure micrometeorite hits?

Let’s check out how an unprotected space station handles micrometeorites. Then we will design a Whipple Bumper to save our astronauts!

space station and micrometeorites

What height did your International Space Station break? Make sure to record your findings in our Rosie Research and the Micrometeorites kids science lab!

Designing a Whipple Bumper.

Use your cracked egg to protect a new space station from meteorites. Compare the height of impact for a space station with no bumper, and one with a whipple bumper. What did you find?

astronomy experiments for kids


Bumpers, Space Station and Micrometeorites – how does it work?

Whipple-Shield space science project

The Whipple bumper slows down the micrometeorite by absorbing the impact. This allows it to stop them before they hit the pressure seal of the ISS!


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