Edible Optics in the News!


Creating fun and interactive labs is our passion, and our Edible Optics lab for homeschool parents to do with their kids is nothing short of extraordinary. Funded in part by The Awesome Foundation, we have tested it in schools, libraries, and in the homes with homeschool parents, all of whom love it.

Our curriculum sets build out the whole experience for you and your child. Parent/teacher guides and lesson plans help you review the concepts at hand, videos let you see it in action, and lab books bring the mystery to life.

Our edible optics program challenges kids to save the world from the Asteroid of Doom! We learn how lenses steer light, make a pair of glasses and even try our hand at obliterating the impending asteroid. But wait! Just when we thought our work was done and the world was saved it turns out, all those plastic optics are melting under the high power of the laser.

Rosie is tasked with creating water based optics, and nothing fits the bill quite like gelatin optics. Come explore with us as we learn the geometries of cutting lenses, the mysteries of fiber optics, and the biology of our eyes.

Our program just got in the local news as well! If you are in the Kitsap area, we would love to see you at one of our many edible optics events!homeschooling optics