Edible Optics meets Awesome Foundation!

We’re excited to announce that Rosie Research and BPAstro Kids won a grant to bring edible optics to kids!

Laser-Beam-convex-lens jello optics

We introduced our edible optics program to BPAstro Kids in December as we celebrated the opening of Star Wars. Now, thanks to the Awesome Foundation we have the ability to buy up a LOT of jello. We hope to bring our program to local schools, organizations and groups – we already booked a time at the Bainbridge Island Library!!

What are we doing with the money?

We could not be more excited about this edible optics funding! We’re spending most of the money on Jello and lasers. So far we have over a hundred lasers in the shopping card and 25lb bags of red, green, blue and clear jello. The plan is to use some of the lasers to make cheap parallel ray boxes. These boxes retail at over $300 each, well out of our price range. However, they are a key aid in visualizing how light interacts with matter. Instead of buying them new, we’re going to make our own out of cheap laser pointers and wood! We will also make multi color ray boxes. This will let us shine various Jello colors allowing kids to see how red, green or blue light interacts with colored matter! It’s a win for optics and absorption!

Edible optics awesome foundation grant list


We are hoping that this money can bring edible optics to hundreds of kids. Email us at info@rosieresearch if you want to learn how to get edible optics into your school, function or organization!

edible optics awesome foundationWho is the Awesome Foundation?

They are a community advancing the interest of awesome in the universe.

Each chapter supports awesome projects through micro-grants, usually given out monthly. These micro-grants come out of pockets of the chapter and given to people working on awesome projects.