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You can check out how we are changing the face of kids science and making it truly inquiry based by downloading our lab book, then watching our parent teacher video where I walk you through the entire kids science lab. In the video I show you all the things you and your kids will get to do together. Hopefully, I will also dispel and fears you may have about doing a science lab with your kids (because I know many people think science is too hard).
We also have a stand alone parent teacher guide (if you prefer reading), a sourcing guide, scaling guide to help homeschool families find the right projects for their grades and extra handouts if your kids want to keep on going far after the lab book space has been filled up.
My goal is to create every lab at this level. My goal is to create every lab book with an intriguing mystery and beautiful design. My goal is to create a video with every lab that will take parents and teachers by the hand showing them all of the fun science they are about to embark on, and ease any fears about it being too hard. My goal is to have the whole package, sourcing, videos, commentary, lab books etc for each and every lab that we create here.

I need your support in doing that. There are tons of levels you can support this project at. You can get the news and behind the scenes videos or become a character in our mysteries.At the $10 level, you can get my home science experiment packages for your home science projects every time they are released. So for $10 per lab released you get:

  • Student Lab Book
  • Parent Teacher Videos
  • Parent Teacher Guides
  • Sourcing Guide
  • Scaling Guide
  • Printing Guides
  • Add on Activities as we create them

Whether you homeschool, unschool or just love doing science with your kids, we hope to make the journey magical.

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